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mercredi 10 novembre 2010

New Bouldering Area in Manali

The Himalayan Canyon Team and Top Rock Adventures team members' investigate a new bouldering area around Manali.
Jeanluc Jubert discovered this area in 2008.
In may 2010 Fred Nicol and Elie Cheuvieux came to join Jeanluc and start to clean, brush, and try some of the most difficult boulder problems in this area.
The Himalayan Canyon Team leaded by Jeanluc Jubert, decided to come back once more in this superbe, peaceful and wild bouldering area to increase the number of boulders problems.
Nowdays we have cleaned and opened more than 60 problems to satisfy beginners and extreme climbers. The topo guide is not done yet but for any infos, topo ... please get in touch with Top Rock Adventures Office in Chidhyari, on Vashisht road directly on by sending us an email.
For Top Rock Adventures.

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