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lundi 14 mars 2011

Top Rock Adventures Members’ Climbing in Chiang Mai and in South Lao, Thakek in Khammouan Province

Top Rock Adventures Members’ Climbing in Chiang Mai and in South Lao, Thakek in Khamouan Province.


After spending two months in south Thaïland, in Krabi province, Tonsaï, Kho Yao Noi Island for bolting new sports climbing routes (6C to 8B, check at or ), Sandrine and Jeanluc Jubert, Top Rock Adventures owners are travelling in South Lao in the Khamouan  Province. But their trip starts from Chiang Mai…

In Chiang Mai city we have met Josh Morris, the owner of “Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures” (  ). Josh has developed a beautiful climbing crag at 40mn drive from down town. The place is named “Crazy horse” and is located in Mae On Municipality.

This name comes from the incredible shape of the main cliff, naturally carved like a horse head.

This area is very attractive not only for the rock climbing but also for caving network trough the huge “Karstik” ground. Mao On Cave must be seen!

Josh along with is Thailand’s instructors team has develop an original climbing style starting from overhang stalactite walls to some underground climb (6a to 7b)! Amazing!!
Routes are safely bolted and statrs from 3a to 8a.

Nearby you can also enjoy hot spring camping and sulphur water in a lovely place.

Chiang Mai is a must sto see and climb on the way to North Thailand or Lao.

To get to Mae On / Crazy Horse crag one can rather rent a bike from down town Chiang Mai for 100ThaiBath to 180Thaibath per day or visit “Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures” to meet partners and get a transport cheaper than arrange by you.

Another possibility is to stay in “Home stay” in Mae On municipality for 50ThaiBath to 100Thaibath/night
A motorbike should still be hire from Chiang Mai to go to the cliff and do your own shopping in Mae On village.

At the hot spring you can also stay for 100thaiBath per night in a dome tent or pitch your own tent.

At “Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures” you will find the update guidebook and much information on the area and new routes. You can also find all kind of climbing gears you will need particularly chalk! There is a nice boulder gym where you can train and meet local climbers and climbers coming from all over the world. It is a nice and friendly place.

I must add that Josh is the only relevant person in Chiang Mai to develop in a proper safety way the rock climbing. The cliff is private, under the “Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures” management. Visit the club is also get information on what to do or not!

For example, they organise drinking water tank on the spot to avoid plastic bottle. They collect garbage and maintain the area. Build some bamboo shelter to get rest from the heavy sun. Then you can enjoy rock climbing all day long. And when it is too hot, get into one of the cave and become an explorer!! Or a cave climber!

Great job Josh!
Enjoy your trip and feel free to contact us for any infos!

Jean luc & Sandrine Jubert.

Travel Informations:

Top Rock Adventures is organising climbing tours and packages around South East Asia. You can visit our web site about our Indian rock climbing packages in Badami, Hampi, Manali, Spiti and Lahaul Valleys.

For Thaïland, Vietnam, Lao, China, climbing tours you can send us an email at

We will organise the climbing gears (sports and traditional climbing), hotel/guest house booking, travel booking, and all transfert facilities to make your trip as much as cool as possible.

Jeanluc Jubert will guide you trough all these marvellous countries and climbing spots while avoiding touristic and crowdies places.

He will share with you is travel experiences and cultural knowledge.

In case you wish to travel by yourself here are some relevant information’s.

Chiang Mai:

“Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures”

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai:

We not recommend any guest house or hotel in Chiang Mai. We have found very unstable the quality and the price year after year.
A better way is to check out on the net and get your pre booking and make your own opinion!
Anyway the best location will be in the old city near Thapae gate.
In the old city you will find all kind of guest house and hotel according your budget and a numerous of restaurant, bars…All the night life is happening in the old city.
In Thapae gate you will be at the best location to see and enjoy the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

How to get Chiang Mai:

By Bus: We highly recommend organising your bus booking by yourself and not use any kind of travel agent in Bangkok.
They will sale you more expensive ticket from a Chinese owned company called Lomprayah.
This company doesn’t take any care of their guests and your travel will become a nightmare! Better to avoid this company.
On another side going by yourself to the government bus station will hardly take you 20mn by “Tuk Tuk” and 50thaibath.
The bus ticket will cost you 450ThaiBath and it will take you 12hrs to get Chiang Mai.

By Taxi: Approximately 6000ThaiBath, 12hrs.
Once on board, the personnel will take care of you, distribute water, snacks and serve you a nice breakfast in the morning. Blanket will be at your disposal.
But overall each and every driver has to submit himself to an alcohol test before to leave the bus station.

By Train:
You can check online

Or go to the main train station and book your ticket.
The journey will take 12hrs.
By Air: Direct flight with

The flight duration is one hour.
Approximately 2000Thaibath for one way according the airline.

For Further Travels infos on Thaialnd Visa, Chiang Mai, Lao ... go on the article Part 2

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