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jeudi 30 juin 2011

New facebook page : Top Rock Equipments

Our company operated since 2006, located in the North of India (Himachal Pradesh), we started at ropes distribution then extend our scope and categories base on customers specific needs. As so far, we have been specializing in variety of Industrial Sports and Safety Equipments such as Full Body Harness, Shock absorbing lanyard, Webbing sling, and Hardware accessories. Our products are certified CE... norm.

We offer a world of access solutions for all kind of work at Height:
• Rope Access
• Disaster Management
• Ricks & Building Maintenance
• Fire Department
• Army and government tender supply

We provide also training for professionals and corporations in order to teach safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access and work at height.
We cover all those fields :
Industry, construction and conservation of ancient monuments:
· Construction
· Building maintenance and remedial works
· Dams, telecom tower control
· In urban areas
· Industrial rescue
· Natural disasters
· In the mountains (our team has already operated in various accident rescue situations in the Himalayas)
Assessment of safety hazards and protection:
· In urban or natural areas
· Slope stabilization: rock removal, bolting and meshing
· Cliff stability for road access and safety
Your Safety is our priority!

Harnesses, Ropes, Lanyards, Helmets, Crash Pads, Gloves, Climbing Shoes, Pulleys,Trekking Shoes,Snow Shoes, Headlamps, Trekking Poles and Accessories

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