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vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Canyoning & Rock Climbing with Top Rock Adventures

These last weeks we had few groups for Canyoning and Rock Climbing.

They were very happy to try canyoning in Himalyan Mountains !!! Their first time in India !
What is incredible is that when you realise that you are one of the first who do some extrem sports in India !

South Africa, Penjabi, Isreali... always an opportunty for us to meet new people.

...Canyoning with Top Rock Adventures will be one of your most incredible activty of your Indian life !

Petite session grimpe à DPS ! Où sont les moussons ?! Pas l'ombre d'une goutte de pluie !

.... Escalade en Ombrelle ?! C'est possible !

Tags : canyoning + escalade + Inde + Himachal Pradesh + Himalaya

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