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lundi 14 novembre 2011

Fishing Trips In the Indian Himalayas

Fisherman and Anglers this is for you!!

Top Rock Adventures' team never stop exploring and proposing new destinations, beautiful  landscapes creating unforgatable memories.
All our Cultural, touristique or adventure packages are based on our experience. The plus, while you are booking a trip with Top Rock Adventures is, that we are pationated and always on the field.

Thus and because we are having a best sunny automne this year, Top Rock Adventures' Team took time to explore adjacent valleys of the main Kullu Valley. We have found many new canyons to explore for the more extrem enthousiastic clients and also beautiful rivers, perfectly made for fishing and Angling.
The Thirtan river lodged in the Banjar valley is a lovely river
full of trouts and masheers.
One can spent a week to fish along the bedside of the beautiful and wild Thirtan river.
At night, you will stay in a lovely familly guest house where you will enjoy your trout freshly fished and well cooked.!
The stay is on the left side of the river bank surrounded by apple orchard and beautiful mountain sceenary.

Our guide will guide you along the river side to find the fishing spots while your kids and familly members will enjoy bathing in the river, playing around the guest house or go for a small walk or more visit the "National wild life Himalayan Park"'.

The fishing season is: From 1st April until the 30th October.
We arrange all fishing formalities & permits, transportation , stay, guide, fishing rods and accessories.
For professional anglers bring your own fishing equipment.

For any cotation and enquiry, please drop us an email at:

 The Familly Guest House...

Large Charming rooms

Home made quality food from the garden house.

 Beautiful garden and firebone at night!


Fishing along the river side finding the best spots....

Thirtan River.

Fishers lovers...
Late in the afternoon...

What a catch!!

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