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jeudi 28 juin 2012

Beal International Team India.

Beal International Team India

Tuhin Satarkar, Kunal Bedarkar and Karn Kowshik

Have been enrolled in The Beal International Team for India through Beal Indian Distributor, Top Rock Adventures/Equipment.

The mission of the team is to promote Beal items all over India through some climbing, mountaineering events and their personal performances.
Their aim for 2012, is to route settle new routes in sports climbing and Alpinism in the north India, kullu Valley Manali and further north in Spiti Laddack.
Jeanluc Jubert, Team manager, has given them a sponsorship package from Beal International to help them in their project.
Top Rock Adventures/Equipments has for goal to help and promote Rock climbing, sports climbing, alpinism and canyoning amount the new indian generation all over India.

Jeanluc Jubert & Tuhin Satarkar

Jeanluc Jubert, Kunal Bedarkar and Karn Kowshik

Jeanluc & Karn

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