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lundi 18 octobre 2010

Himalayan Canyon Team and 3 paragliders are in Manali

Since 3 days, all the Himalayan Canyon Teams members are back to Manali to explore new canyons in the Valley of Gods. We will also cross all the canyons opened last year and setup durable belay stations.
A short reconiction trip in lahaul and spiti valleys is planned day after tomorrow for 5 days.
Everyday we, route setup new climbing routes, discover and explore new canyons, jump in paragliding from many summits, train locals in rescue and canyon techniques.
Anybody can join us, meat the team members and come and enjoy with us.
just step into "Top Rock Adventures" office near the Ambassador resort in Chidhyari on the way to Vashisht 100m after the rothang pass and Vashisht road crossing.

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