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lundi 18 octobre 2010

Search and Rescue Training Program in Bhutan

Search and Rescue Training Program in Bhutan.

Jeanluc Jubert as been invitated to set up and display a Search and Rescue Training Program in Bhutan by Atil Behary Vijpayee Mountaineering Institute of Manali.
This Search and Rescue Training Program  as been set up by  the United Nation Distaster Program, the European Union ECHO branch and the Government of Bhutan, the Department of Disaster Management of Bhutan.
The Search and Rescue Training Program as been held in

from Sept 27th 2010 until Oct 8th 2010.
The opening  ceremony has been held by his Hon’ble Lyonpo Dr.Pema Gyamtsho, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.

Ms Claire Van Der Vaeren, United Nation Resident Coordinator & UNDP Representative.
Mr.V.C Pharka, Principal Secretary of Himachal Pradesh
Namgay Wangchuk, Director of Disaster Management, Government of Bhutan
Randhir Singh Salhuria, Director, ABV – WHMI – Manali
Jeanluc Jubert, Rajeev Sharma, RR. Thakur, Prem Mahand, Rescue Instructors’

Trainees where from various departments of The Bhutan government such as Royal Bhutan Police, Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bhutan Fire brigades, Royal Bhutan Disaster Management department, Royal Bhutan Body guards.

The aim of the program was to teach and give technical knoledges and guidances to 30 trainees in order they will be able to setup a search and rescue operation in case of natural disaster such as fload, hearthquakes, fire, road accident, landslide,...
In 12 days program, trainees shown a deep interest and a very good technical and field response.
After a technical teaching, trainees went through various rescue operations as rescue practical cases.
They are able to rescue any kind of casualty in various harzarduous situations : access, first medical care,evacuation of casualty.

This Search and Rescue Training Program is the first ever organised in Bhutan and should lead to further advanced programs.

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