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vendredi 12 novembre 2010

New canyon exploration in winter in Manali

Top Rock Adventures Team and Himalayan Canyon team are going for their last canyon exploration today.
It will be the last expedition before the full winter.
Still the weather is sunny and very clear as usually in November but the water is very cold approximatly at 4 to 5°c!!! so we try not to spend much time inside the canyon and we are palying with the direction of the sun.
We are always using our HCT technical exploration techniques involving fast reaction from team members, highly technical knoledge and strict team organisation.
These techniques for explorations have been developped since the last 7 years both in collaboration between HCT and Top Rock Adventures Team members.

This new canyon is located on the way up to Rohtang pass (3956m) and called Ralla Nala.
The approach walk is long and very steep!
For more details you have to follow our second article tomorrow!!!
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