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mardi 15 mars 2011

“Chamje Khola 2011 Canyon Expedition”

Here we are!!! All the Team is complete!

Yesterday at 4.00pm the “Chamje Khola Canyon Expedition” Team members arrived in Katmandou, Nepal.

Yann Ozoux, Rodolphe Sturm, Jeanluc Jubert, Greg Marzio, Mathieu Kievits, Franck Marcillou, Dorian Noyer, Lionel Rias, Cecile Morvant, Rajesh Lama, Kabindra Lama, Adrien Paris, Ivan Porcherot and the film photos crew: Sam Bié and Laurent Triay.

At the arrival, all members, arrived previously, from “Nepal Canyon Association” (NCA), “Top Rock Adventures” and from the “Himalayan Canyon Team” were posted at the Airport to welcome the rest of the team.

They received also a very warm welcome form The Chief of Immigration of Nepal and from The Tourism Board.

The “Chamje Khola Canyon Expedition” is falling into the “Tourism Year of Nepal” and is an important event in the Mountaineering Expedition 2011 Calendar in Nepal.

One has to remember that, this expedition is an ambitious and extraordinaire project.
It is very innovative and “avant-gardes” approached of the Himalayas.
This time, the goal to climb a mountain is not only to conquer it, but to explore its deepest gorges and canyons.
Some have conquered peaks and summit to jump from the top rather in base jumping or in paragliding.
Others swam down into deep and strong current from almost the Top of Everest by using hydro speed techniques.
We are today exploring those gorges while using canyoning techniques.
Our approached and the way to conduct this expedition is totally innovative comparing to the International Canyon standards.
Since 7 years of canyon development in Nepal and India, “The Himalayan Canyon Team (HCT)” technicians have developed a particular team organisation to progress in the canyon while saving time and equipment.
The aim is to progress as fast as possible while rotating the equipment from the queue part to the front part of the team. No stop, no bivouac. One has to come out from the canyon in the shortest time possible and avoid to get stuck by the dark.
Also, the equipment has been drastically minimised to reduce as much as we could the weight without compromising on safety.
For the first time, 8,5mm semi static rope from Beal will be used.
Also the belay stations will be on 8mm bolts and joint by dyneema 8mm rope.
Previous technical tests on belay strength have been done with the help of “ENSA”( French National Government organisation in charge of the Mountain Guide Training).
results were positive.

Today, the team is checking all the gears and technical equipment, food rations and last details.
In two days the team will move to Syange, the door entrnce of the Marsyangui Valley.

The first few days will be for training and the team accurate techniques. Final checks.

Stay in touch!!

Jeanluc Jubert

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