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jeudi 24 mars 2011

“Chamjé Khola 2011 Nepal Expedition”

Last training days before Chamje Khola.
Posted on Tuesday 22nd.

On Monday 21st, we arrived at Jaghat Village further up in the Marsyangui valley..All Himalayan Canyon Team members stay at Hotel North face, looking at the amazing Jaghat Khola Canyon.

On the 22nd, early in the morning, we left to walk up to Matino Chipla village on the way to Jaghat Khola Canyon.
The lower part of this canyon is divided into 3 sub sections very deep and narrow. Yann, Rajesh and Greg were the front team while Rod, Lionel and Kabindra were the back team.
In the middle, Laurent and Sam with their technical assistant Dorian and Jeanluc.
Mathieu was the “Monkey”, jumping all over the place to feed as fast as possible the front team with ropes and equipment.

We have done the lower part of the canyon in 4hrs and 30mn, which means 1hrs less than the normal timing.
A very good progression thinking that we were taking time for pictures and film shooting.
We could have reduced the timing by one hour!

The Team’s work went well and everybody found out his position and job to do. All technical meeting and briefing done previously shown amelioration among us the Himalayan Canyon Team.
Things went smoothly. Nice lovely day to become more accurate for the next steps…

Today, Wednesday 23rd is a rest day at Jaghat village.
Meeting and briefing on tomorrow’s program and team work.
The training part is ending while we are all ready to climb up for acclimatizing and to set up advanced altitude camp.
The medical team will move and setup the intermediate bivouac on the left bank between the upper and lower part of Chamje Khola Canyon.

Tomorrow one of the team will move to Tal, and get ready to climb up to the advance camp.

Written by Jeanluc Jubert.
Top Rock Adventures – Manali India.

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